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Indiegogo’s gogofactor gives artistic dreamers, business minded individuals and dogooders a chance to make their dreams come true. Many people are afraid to venture into crowdfunding because they are afraid their campaigns will be lost in the crowd. With the gogofactor, the chances of your dreams or causes being seen or heard increase drastically.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is when many different people help to fund a venture or project online. In other words, crowdfunding is a fundraiser via the internet. Instead of going door to door, you are going from social media website to social media website.
Crowdfunding websites work as a campaign’s headquarters. They can make the difference between someone getting a much-needed surgery to helping someone fulfill their lifelong dreams. Unfortunately, for as many success stories, there are tons of unsuccessful stories. That is why Indiegogo introduced their unique algorithm to help to turn the crowdfunding platform into a more democratic practice.
The gogofactor algorithm sets Indiegogo apart from its crowdfunding competition.

Who uses Indiegogo?

Anyone who has dreams that are bigger than their wallet can use Indiegogo. What sets Indiegogo apart from the competition is the type of funding available. Other sites like Kickstarter have an all or nothing platform. That means you will not get any money unless you reach your goal. At Indiegogo, you can walk away with all the money you have raised thanks to the flexible funding benefit. The payment is immediate. So as soon as someone funds your bid, that money is available. Therefore, you can start putting your plans into motion. If you are the person who believes some money is better than no money, Indiegogo is the best crowdfunding site for you.
On Indiegogo, each campaign is divided into categories. The funding can go towards a creative project, a business venture or a nonprofit cause.
Creative Projects
Video / Web
Cause Related Categories
Verified Nonprofit
Business Ventures
Small Business

What is the gogofactor Algorithm?

The goal of the Gogofactor algorithm is to make the crowdfunding process more democratic. It makes the experience more of an equal opportunity platform than other sites. The algorithm uses different metrics to determine page rank and global reach. The gogofactor Algorithm calculates a gogofactor score. This score is used to determine your placement on the site. The high score can equal a high rank. Your rank increases your chances of being a featured campaign on the site and in the newsletter.

How Does The gogofactor Algorithm Works?

You do not need to understand computer lingo to figure out how the gogofactor algorithm works. It is easy to understand. The gogofactor takes into account all of your social media engagements, expand your reach, and an amount of funds raised. Here is an example of how it works.

Robert wants funding for his short film. He needs a total of $25,000. Robert is competing for the position with everyone in the film category for only film funders. He is also competing in other categories who attract the casual funder, who likes passion projects regardless of the chosen format. When he starts his campaign on Indiegogo, he needs to increase his visibility fast. The person who is above him in rank has been on the site for two days. They have a total of 200 social media interactions. In order for Robert to surpass them, he has to surpass their total activity.

What makes the gogo factor algorithm so unique is its ability to let the new underdog have an opportunity to increase its ranking. If a person has a 15 day campaign and over 15,000 page views and social interactions, the gogofactor algorithm lets someone with only two days pass the person if the person has 15,000 page views that expand a global reach.
For instance, Robert gets 15,000 social interactions and page views. However, most of his interaction is coming from people in his home state. Mary has 14,000 social interactions and page views. However, her page is being viewed by people in 30 states and 10 countries. Mary’s campaign’s global reach is calculated in her gogofactor score. So she can be ranked higher than Robert. That is why it is important to make your campaign to appeal to a more global market.

During your daily interactions on Indiegogo, you can find ways to show how your project or cause can affect someone from another country. If Mary is doing a documentary about the mental health of minorities in America, she can post statistics about mental health in other countries and show how her movie can help launch global awareness to the issue.

indiegogo gogofactor

The gogofactor also takes into account conversion rates. You can have 15,000 views and social interactions with only 5% of those people actually funding your project. Thus, someone with 11,000 views and social interaction with 12% conversion rate may surpass you in rank. Another scenario is that someone with a smaller interaction and a view count has a 3% conversion rate. However, they sold two big ticket items for $2000. Their conversion rate is low, but selling the large ticket items can increase their overall ranking.

This all sounds like a never ending math problem, and your eyes may have glossed over from reading all the different scenarios and factors that go into determining your rank. Luckily, Indiegogo has the gogofactor to help sort all of these factors so that they can give people a fair chance at increasing their ranking. Page ranking is forever changing. Your ranking is recalculated often. If you want to keep a high gogofactor, you need to remain active. If you want to make a last push during your final week, you should boost up your efforts. If there is no activity on your page after a period of time, your campaign can be delisted.

Scoring High

If you have a high gogofactor score, you will get better page ranking. Ultimately, more exposure. More exposure means more funding for your project or cause. It also means your chances of being included into the Indiegogo newsletter are increased.

Why The Indiegogo Newsletter Makes A Difference

Getting a coveted spot into the newsletter is essential for a truly successful campaign. Many of your potential funders do not visit Indiegogo every day. Most people are too busy to spend time surfing the web on a daily basis. However, most people read their email at least once a day. The> a newsletter to stay informed and save time. When they see a project featured in the newsletter, they believe that project is one of the best available on Indiegogo and may be worth their funding. Thus, if they like your project, they are more likely to fund it. Plus, if they take the time to read the newsletter on a regular basis, they are more committed to the idea of funding than the casual browser.

The only way to get into the newsletter is to have a gogofactor score that is one of the best on the site.

How To Boost Your gogofactor

There are many different companies that offer their services to help you increase your gogofactor score. However, your goal is to make money and if you do not have any, you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a company. Do not let your campaign suffer in silence on the back pages of Indiegogo. Use these few DIY tips to help you boost your gogofactor.

Increase Your gogofactor Score

Always be active on your page. You can do this by posting every day.
Since Indiegogo has the flexible pay option, you do get funds before your campaign has ended. If you have a project that can be done in phases, so your progress. For example, if you want to publish a book and you have received $500, show a book cover when it is available or post a teaser scene that has been edited. If you are doing a film, show the new camera or equipment you bought with the money. Find some tangible way to show that your funders money is going to good use. This can encourage other people to fund your project because they know you are making a real effort to making your dreams come true.

Find your niche

Each project has a niche. Find yours and explore all avenues for exposure to your project. For example, if you are raising money for scholarships to a music summer camp, you have three different niches. You have the music niche, the summer camp niche, and the mommy blog niche. You can get a local or popular mommy blogger to post a link to your campaign. You can get old summer camp counselors to help you spread the word.
You can ask the radio stations to promote your campaign or get one of your scholarship candidates to make a Youtube video to help highlight the campaign.
You have to use all the related niches to reach your targeted audience. Some niches will garner more support than others, but always explore them all if you want to increase gogo factor rankings.

Build A Street Team

Authors use street teams for promotional purposes. If you have a campaign on Indiegogo, you are a salesperson. You have to go out and sell your project. A street team works as your foot soldiers. They can help you sell it. If you have a website, you can place a form for your fans to join your street team and help you get the word out about your crowdfunding project or you can go old school and create a word of mouth campaign using your family and friends as your street team.
You can get as many Facebook likes, shares, and tweets as you can by recruiting your family, your friends, and your pesky coworkers and neighbors. They can post the link to your campaign on their social media sites.
Thanks to the digital age, many communities have a local Facebook page or online magazine. You can get the local magazine to do an article about your efforts. You can also get the person in charge of the Facebook page to share the link.
You can use Twitter more productively by sending a direct message to your followers. It may be time-consuming, but it will pay off more because your tweets will not be lost in the crowd.
Participate In Online Communities
A cool tip is to find an online community that targets your audience. Become active in the community at least a week or two before your campaign. You do not want them to think you are only participating in advertising your campaign. They will easily get annoyed if you do not actively participate in the forum.

Ask For Small Donations

Ask your family and friends to donate $1-10 to increase your number of funders. The number of funders also factor into your Gogofactor score.

Boost Your International Following

If you have any international followers or friends, target them first. The global reach of your campaign factors into your gogofactor score. You can use the example I used earlier about finding ways to adapt your project to them.

Take It Offline

You can increase gogofactor scores by promotion your campaign offline. If you are trying to raise funds for something that can benefit your community, do not be afraid to take your promotion offline. Call into the local radio station. Post a flyer at the local coffee shop or library. If your town has a town meeting, have it on the announcements.

Use Time Wisely

Some people believe that the Gogo Factor is an immediate indicator about whether or not your campaign will be successful. That is why it is important to boost gogo factor out of the gate. Your first week will probably be your most active week. You have to get the word out there. If your promotion garners good social interaction, you do not have to work as hard. Word of mouth can help keep your campaign afloat a little. You do have to nudge it a little with updates and social media posts.

Indiegogo knows how important funding is to you. That is why they have gone beyond the usual crowdfunding sites and created the Gogo Factor Algorithm to boost your chances of getting the fund you need to live out your dreams and fund your causes. If you’re not sure how to boost your gogo factor then consider hiring a service that can boost your gogo factor for you!

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