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Launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo music campaign happens to be one of the best ways musicians use to raise funds for mastering, studio or touring. Most musicians also take a contract that involves signing and huge undertaking which involves lots of time, preparation, and planning. Several campaigns end up not working because of inadequate or lack of goals, but learning from top brands that had successfully pulled off a crowdfunding campaign can make a lot of difference for your brand.

Not sure if all will work out fine? Some tips made to help to launch your Kickstarter or Indiegogo music campaign:

Be Real. Be yourself at all times of your campaign. Whichever way you see it, it is very vital for your campaign to have a feel of your personality, beliefs, goals, humor, etc.

Let your fans know the level of planning your campaign took. Your fans will only take your crowdfunding campaign seriously when you are able to show them how much planning and time you have invested in the campaign.

There must be a level of organization with the information placed on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo music campaign. Things like a timeline that offer reasons why your band should be trusted. If your website doesn’t explain this clearly, your fans will not partake in your fundraising campaign.

How can a music artist fight this problem and gain his or her fans trust? The best thing to do is to;
– Break things down
– Let them know where the funds they contribute would be going
– What summed up the total set amount?
– Why their time is required during each process. Etc.
– And last but not least: include some of your music.

The basic thing is to be transparent and show appreciation by offering great incentives. Usually, bands create about five to seven tiers for rewards, with every tier getting the gifts in the downline tiers including other gifts. Perks between #25 and $49 work best. Avoid T-shirt perks when possible.

Close acquaintances should be encouraged to give to your crowdfunding project at the beginning and close to the end. Influence your network through marketing for income to be generated. For instance, if a company has contributed to the support of your band, inform them to broadcast it using their own perfect methods.

Do something important after every successful event. As income arrives, celebrate your fans by sending messages to them. Innovate during and after the campaign and choose what will work for you to generate more income. Want to add some extra juice to your Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign? Contact us for more information.

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