Do you need more visibility for your Kickstarter campaign?

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Discover the easiest & most cost-effective way to generate more visibility for your Kickstarter, even if you’re on a tight budget.

☞ Starting at only $89 we will run a targeted, 3-day influencer campaign.

☞ And for only $149, we’ll run a full 7-day influencer campaign + 1 super backer audience (for Facebook Ads) + we write a press release and get it out for distribution.

How does it work?
We’ll bring your crowdfunding campaign right in front of your target audience; we will manually select and contact influencers (social media users/accounts who already have a big social media reach and active following) relevant to your target audience. To track results, we’ll be using a Kickstarter referral tag, allowing you to follow up on results right in your Kickstarter dashboard.

✰ Full Service – High Conversions.

With the highest success rate in the market, since 2010, and working with over 1300 campaigns, we are the perfect partner to help your campaign succeed. And all of that without breaking the bank.

The clock’s ticking! Get started immediately & turbocharge your visibility and pledges. We process all orders the same day (nightly hours being the only exception), weekends included.

Find the perfect plan to suit your campaign
& get started immediately.

  • 3-Day Influencer Promo
    • Influencer Marketing (3-days)
    • Average reach: 100000
  • Social Media + PR
    • Influencer Marketing (7-days)
    • Average reach: +350 000
    • Press release writing
    • Press release distribution
    • 1 Super Backer custom audience file including +10,000 contacts, relevant for your campaign (use in Facebook ads).
    • Increase backers (targeted) & referrals
    • Targeted social media reach, daily
    • Influencer Marketing (30-days)
    • Press release writing
    • Press release distribution
    • Guaranteed inclusion on 300 media outlets!
    • Personal e-mail to our media contacts (+7500 contacts)
    • Newsletter to return backers (5000 backers)
    • 1 Super Backer custom audience file including +30,000 contacts, relevant for your campaign (use in Facebook ads).
    • SEO optimization
    • Full report


How can I track pledges?

We will be using a Kickstarter Referral Tag. You can track all pledges directly in your Kickstarter dashboard.

How long before you start working on my campaign?

We usually start within a few hours after your order comes in (within 12 hours over the weekend).

Can I upgrade to your Pro/Gold/Platinum package after 3 days?

Of course. We’ll deduct the amount paid ($89 or $149) from the selected package.

Boost Your Campaign is by far the best agency to work with, they have helped me reach 500% ROI for my campaign. JOHANNA SCHMITZ

It was very much worth the investment. We got lots of new pledges from the US that we couldn’t reach ourselves. TAMARA WANG

Second time I used Boost Your Campaign for my kickstarter campaign. They know their stuff and deliver on their promise to drive backers to your campaign. Andrew Williams

Amazing services. Fast communication. Real professionals in crowdfunding. Highly recommend. Gunhar Demir

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