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SeeSee Rigney, an operating room nurse at Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, WA, celebrates her 94th birthday with her coworkers, and six decades of nursing.

She’s been working as a nurse since 1946 and plans to stay at Tacoma General Hospital “until they kick me out.”

Rigney, believed to be the oldest registered nurse in the country, turned 94 Wednesday.

She repeatedly joked that everyone had it wrong and she was celebrating her 49th birthday.

Her co-workers gave her a fake diamond tiara complete with dangling ribbons, which she begrudgingly wore to mark the big day.

Rigney spent her birthday bustling around the hospital in her scrubs, smiled modestly when MultiCare officials sang her happy birthday during a short ceremony and plans to have dinner at McMenamins with her daughter and son-in-law.

She doesn’t know when she’ll give up nursing.

In fact, she recently renewed her nursing and CPR licenses.

“I never intended to stay this long,” Rigney said. “It’s come to be a bit of a challenge. I keep thinking I’m going to retire.”

She did once, in 1990, but returned within a few months.

Rigney found working two days a week kept her busy, and she enjoyed being around her second family at the hospital. Plus the extra funds don’t hurt.

She is an inspiration to all!
❤️ God bless you. We love you and can only hope to have half of the energy you have at your age.

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