In our experience with several crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, we got contacted by a lot of people. We hired two different agencies and one freelancer. The only one that really delivered, was Boostyourcampaign. From day one the level of service I received from every person I worked with at Boostyourcampaign was exceptional. While one agency charged us a startup fee of $2500, boostyourcampaign got us fully funded, for only a fifth of that amount. They never let us down!

Mark Huet
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We are very pleased not only with the end result but with the entire process of working with Boostyourcampaign. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they displayed throughout the whole process made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with.

Casey Rosen
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My husband and I have each been in the business world for at least 20 years and I can honestly say that I have never worked with a team of people as wonderful as Boostyourcampaign. We've worked with a handful of other agencies, but Boostyourcampaign was the only company that helped us reach our goal.

Laura Murdock
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I loved every single aspect of working with boostyourcampaign. They provided excellent guidance and brought the campaign to over $3,000,000 raised. Let's face it, there are a lot of choices out there where marketing is concerned, but many of them of them aren't particularly any good. Boostyourcampaign was the only agency that delivered on its promises. No other agency compares. Hire them!

Wenqing Yan
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The best marketing decision I've made! From the moment I shared my idea until setting up my e-commerce store, the team at Boostyourcampaign was with me all the way. Our rep Mark was absolutely fantastic and we are lucky to have him supporting our account. I consider Boostyourcampaign to be one of the main factors that allowed us to reach our goal.

Brian - Unistellar
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Thomas and boostyourcampaign coupled with the Allpha35 team is a recipe for success! Thomas and the team are great to work with. We raised $1,319,274!! There should be no doubt or hesitation when thinking to hire boostyourcampaign. They are the best in what they do and have the power to make your campaign succeed.

Maggie - Allpha
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Working with Boostyourcampaign was a great experience, and effective. We`re delighted with the results from the marketing for InfinityCube campaign. They really made a big difference and managed to get our campaign going when it was slowing down. This time we'll get a head start before our campaign launches and hire you from day 1. Thank you!

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With 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns, we have been with a few marketing agencies that have all fell short or took too long to get anything done. We paid over $5000 in startup fees alone. Non of them came close to the services and results from boostyourcampaign. Thomas and his team offer excellent service and fantastic value. It took us some time, but now that we found them, I wouldn't consider starting a Kickstarter, or any new business, without consulting them first.

Justin Frazier
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