COVID-19: Should I launch an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign, or not?

Is It a Good Time to Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us at home. Many of us continue to adjust to the recent changes this situation brings. Now more than ever, people draw on things that are artistic, innovative, and beautiful. And as a creative community, we play a major role in spreading hope and inspiration during these trying times.

Throughout history, great innovations were brought to life during times of turmoil. Not only does it give inspiration for others when it’s very much needed—working on something important to you is purposeful and satisfying.

We acknowledge that it may be hard for other creators to focus on working on their idea in the meantime. But if you and your team can move forward with your project in a safe, responsible, and effective manner… the recent situation can actually increase the success rate of your crowdfunding campaign.  

Opportunities in crowdfunding, even during COVID-19

Looking at the numbers, we continue to notice an above-average increase in engagement with our pre-launch campaigns. These results can be credited to two things:

1) People are having more screen time since they stay at home, 

2) Advertising costs went down.

Our data points out that more people sign up for our pre-launch campaigns. They also pay more attention to the information being shared. And equally important, we’re not seeing a downturn in backer engagement for live campaigns.  

☞ Campaigns such as The ERA Backpack, Gamedec, or AVENTI A-10, all in different categories, with different target audiences, show an almost constant growth in funding throughout the campaign.  

An open call from crowdfunding platforms

The crowdfunding community is discovering new ways to support creators during this situation. Case in point, Kickstarter has initiated Inside Voices: a program that invites creators to create smaller projects with what they have on hand.


Crowdfunding remains an excellent way to test your idea against the market and raise funding along the way, even during these times. As troubling the situation we now find ourselves in, we invite you to continue working on your idea. And if a some time off is what you really need right now, that’s perfectly fine. We invite you to find inspiration in the works of others.
Regardless of your decision, let’s support one another and spread love even if we have to stay apart. We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this time. Let’s get through this together!
P.S. If you need help, we’d be happy to assist you in getting more traffic and pledges to bring your campaign to life.