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Why BoostYourCampaign?

We have honed the experience of building dozens of startups over the past 25 years. Our team takes a very hands-on approach to help you understand the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign or product in the market.

Our business model is very different from any other marketing agency, focusing on crowdfunding; We are in it for the long term.

We partner up with you from day one; Our skin-in-the-game approach for paid ads is offered to all our customers. Our motto; if we don’t feel secure enough about our skills or your project and invest with you, we should not take on a project.

We see your crowdfunding campaign as a first opportunity to work together, show our approach and strategy, build a genuine partnership and help you succeed. Once successfully funded, we remain your preferred partner for everything marketing and partner up for many years to come.

In addition to our long & proven history in marketing; we provide an excellent service – 100% commitment, including our skin-in-the-game approach – an extensive list of resources & professional contacts – a data-driven approach from start to finish – the best ROI in the market – in-house copywriters, graphical designers, paid ad specialists and video studio – high return press & media approach – strong experience with targeting traffic / getting backers/ return backers to your campaign – the best prices in the market and last, but not least, our personal strive to success.

Do you offer pre-launch services?

We do! They’re already included in our Platinum and Social+ packages.

The pre-launch services include an in-depth analysis of a) your campaign (in draft mode) or b) your idea/concept, a full “next steps” approach plan, copywriting/press release/social media setup/influencer approach, SEO research and article/blog submission. All you need to start right from day 1.

If you want the same extensive pre-launch services we used to launch +50k and even +1 million USD campaigns and exceed our clients’ goals, again and again, contact us today for a personalized offer.

What is your ‘hand submit to social media’ service?

All our press releases and articles/campaign updates are hand-submitted to top social media mediums including custom updates for Facebook, Google+, Twitter #tags, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You will get massive exposure to your campaign page including backers and referrals to boost your rank in the IndieGoGo/Kickstarter campaign pages.

Can I track results?

Yes! We track e-mail open and click rates, survey engagement and use referral tags to track pledges.

After Crowdfunding

The campaign has ended and you’ve exceeded your goals. Customers are lined up. You’re featured on blogs. Social media channels are ablaze with your viral video. But now is not the time to ease up. Too many brands fizzle out of relevance. We show you how to hold onto and build on your momentum, leverage strategic opportunities, and kick your brand up to the next level.

We’ve been working with crowdfunding campaigns since 2010, and our team gained experience working with some of the leading brands in the industry, so trust us when we say you have a narrow window of opportunity to seize.

When signup up with BoostYourCampaign, we’ll help evaluate your go-to-market offer, with scopes ranging from e-commerce, additional investment rounds to business accelerator programs.

Press Release Writing

BoostYourCampaign has its own in-house copywriter, a master in writing press releases, online press coverage, and Indiegogo – Kickstarter crowdfunding projects. We know how to share your story.

Our press releases are made within 1-2 days – you’ll get a draft and we’ll get the press release out after approval.

Press Release Distribution

There are many press release distribution offers out there. Most of them let you upload your press release – pay (a lot) – and send your press release out. That’s it. They don’t manually select the journalists that will receive them. They just blast out e-mails. No selection = no quality = no follow up.

We do it differently: We’ll select the right contacts and distribution companies. Doing this part right means that the people who receive/see your release will have a genuine interest in your Indiegogo / Kickstarter project.

Lower Fees

We’re invested in relationships — not transactions. We offer lower and more reasonable fees than our competitors. We advise you on where to best utilize budget and are committed to maximizing your ROI with measurable results. Last but not least, we offer skin-in-the-game to all customers we partner up with, starting already in the pre-launch.

Paid Ads

Using proprietary algorithms and technology, specifically built for Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we scale crowdfunding advertising to optimize RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) figures at high ad volumes.

Need More Information?

A crowdfunding campaign is much more than uploading a video, some text & perks. We understand that better than anyone else. Get in touch with any question you may have, and we’ll make sure to get you on your way.