How to write the perfect Indiegogo pitch

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For those people who are engaged in crowd funding, we have something that will prove precious: the perfect Indiegogo pitch. It’s crucial to engage your target audience in a media campaign. You need be able to attract masses and give journalists something to talk about.

The perfect pitch is also meant to address the audience outside your inner circle. Those people are the best way to spread the word of your crowdfunding product. A bit of advice on writing the perfect pitch and create a winning campaign.

Your Indiegogo pitch

The perfect Indiegogo pitch needs a good structure. A good pitch formula that includes:

A fishhook to engage your audience.
The character or product introduction.
Your plot points (very concise)
A closing sentence

The most important part is the fishhook at the very start of the perfect Indiegogo pitch. It should be something that dazzles your audience. The wow factor must be embedded on those opening sentences. As you must imagine by now, it is the way to engage to keep on reading. You can use curiosity to engage and get the best results.

For the introduction simply name the characters of your story or your product. Then go to the plot. Think of it as the acts of play. The plot states a conflict on your story. The plot points must go in sequence and tell the story. Be concise and direct to assure your audience goes to the end of the plot.

The closing sentence should be a sort of conclusion. When you are presenting a product, it is a summary of how the product solves the conflicts.

Keep it Simple

Your speech must be simple. A way to do it is by getting fast to the point. Time is valuable, and people pay attention for a little time. Therefore, the way to show your value is to condense the information. The most summarized you present your information, the easiest you will reach your audience.

State the Problem

When you are presenting something, it has to be a solution to a problem. State the problem in your first plot point. Then talk about the solution.

How are you going to sell a solution to your speech if there is nothing to solve? The rhetorical question brings the answer with it. There is a problem, and you have to make that point clear to your audience.

The 15 second Rule

Are you capable of summarizing your speech in 15 seconds? If not, then you must do something about it. 15 seconds is about the time you can get the most attention from your audience. It is how you can show in a single slide how to solve a problem. By being able to explain in as little as 15 seconds, it means you understand what you are selling perfectly.

If you have problems to summarize your Indiegogo pitch in just 15 seconds, then go backward. Start with the big picture as follows:

Use a long pitch that can go as long as 5 minutes. It is a whole explanation of the idea you are selling. It can serve as an outline of your 13 slide presentation.
Then, summarize your long pitch into a 30-second Indiegogo pitch. Explain the idea in a simple way that sounds appealing. Then, tell how you are doing it. Those two points should be enough to consume 30 seconds. At last, go for the 15-second rule. Only take the idea and present it in a straight way.

The Right Approach to Competitors
You can see your competitors as a treat, or you can take advantage of them. First of all, analyze who is your competition. A SWOT analysis is a good idea at this stage. Once you know where they are good and most of all, what you are good, it is time to find your competitive advantage.

During your pitch, you can approach your competitors. It can be one of the plot points of your perfect Indiegogo pitch. Talk about them and highlight your advantages. The SWOT analysis will give you plenty of information about it. Transform your weaknesses into strengths and present you as a winning story.

Mainly press people will appreciate the extra information about competitors. They like to place things in context, and competitors are a great starting point for that.


Keep in mind the best structure for the perfect Indiegogo pitch. Remember that all the information must be concise. That way you will reach your audience easily.

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