Primal: The Awakening - 11,302 backers - $2,026,614 / €2,040,335

Primal: The Awakening and The Popularity of Game Campaigns on Kickstarter 

Launched in April 2009, Kickstarter has become a haven for entrepreneurs and small businesses that require funding for creative projects. You will find all sorts of projects on the platform from art, film, and comics to technology, music, and fashion. Game developers also utilize Kickstarter to generate funding, which is then used to produce video games or board games. In many cases, contributors are also awarded a finished version of the game and additional perks. Primal: The Awakening is a full-fledged miniature board game. It is based in a fantasy world and involves monster hunting. The game’s campaign is currently underway, and so far, it has managed to receive $1,881,723 in pledges against a goal of $181,956. Read on as we discuss what the campaign is all about and the campaign’s resounding success.

What Is Primal: The Awakening?

Primal: The Awakening is a cooperative board game based in the fantasy world of Thyra. It can have 1 to 4 players who take on the avatar of hunters and be part of an epic campaign.  You get to fight monstrous creatures and unravel mysteries of the monsters’ origins and learn more about Thyrea’s history. All of this leads to an epic finale.  Players get to engage in tactical combat using cards and can enjoy customized campaigns that can last for days. Each board game comes with 17 large-scale miniatures and over 1,200 cards. The miniatures include:
  • 4 hunter models
  • 12 monster models
  • 1 extra-large monster model 
Cards include hunter decks, monster decks, quest cards, forge cards, equipment cards, resource cards, and one alchemist card. The miniature models are customized with impressive attention to detail. Each hunter also comes with their own action cards and master cards.  Monsters have custom behavior cards, stance cards, and peril and objective cards, as well. These cards depict their distinctive combat behavior and how they attack specific areas. The cards also outline the special abilities of each monster. Moreover, hunters can use these cards to discover a monster’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities and use them to their advantage.  Every monster offers a unique challenge to hunters, and hunters must work together to defeat it. They will have to complete certain objectives and utilize various strategies to do so.  The board game also comes with various terrains, tokens, a quest board, a combat board, a scenario book, and a rulebook. 

How Can You Play Primal: The Awakening?

Primal: The Awakening is played in a series of sessions that are spread out over different days. It involves intense and challenging situations, and players must make use of tactical positioning, cooperation, and hand management. Tactical combat can be carried out using cards and interacting with other players.  Players can choose between a campaign mode and a hunt mode when playing Primal: The Awakening. 

The Campaign Mode

In the campaign mode, players will choose specific paths as directed and complete quests. Every mission will develop differently and offers numerous unique opportunities to learn more about the game. You can participate in hunts and gather unique items. When you have successfully completed a quest, you will receive special rewards for your achievement.  Moreover, the choices you make when playing the game will impact the story, and you can expect numerous surprises as the campaign progresses. Players can unlock various crafting options as they move through the game. They can cross a level in each session. As their levels increase, they can customize their deck of hunter cards to work better as a group, utilize advanced strategies, and create better synergies. 

The Hunt Mode

The Hunt Mode allows players to engage in one-shot encounters. It forgoes the need to prepare campaigns and allows you to play out single combat scenarios. Each scenario has a particular setup, and players must follow specific rules. There are also different difficulty levels to choose from. You can use the Hunt Mode to play special quests and master skills that can come in handy during campaigns. 

What are the Perks of Contributing to Primal’s Kickstarter Campaign?

Contributing to Primal’s Kickstarter campaign can allow you to unlock a host of benefits. These include:
  • Getting the game at a discounted price and saving over 20% 
  • Unlocking exclusive content with stretch goals as well as other add-ons that are currently not included in the retail version of the game 
You also get to support a unique and ambitious project that has the potential to entertain gamers for years to come. It is suitable for all ages and allows you to partake in an epic quest with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged for days.  Click here to make a pledge to Primal: The Awakening. 

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